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How do I code my garage door transmitter?
There are two types of operating systems for openers, one has dip or rocker switches (older style) and the other has a rotating code (newer style). DIP OR ROCKER SWITCH system consists of a row of numbered switches that will have two positions on or off; or open or closed depending on the model of transmitter you have. The transmitter switch position must match up to the switches on the motor head. Follow the antenna wire—it will lead you to the row of switches in question, it may require you to remove the light cover. ROTATING CODE systems are simple to program. Locate the program button: it should be either in front of the motor head or the back. Again: follow the antenna wire up to the button. When you locate the button push and release it and press the transmitter button for 1—2 seconds; if it is a Genie they require a total of 3 pushes 1—2 seconds long.

How do I adjust infrared?
First determine if the lights are on—most garage door openers have

lights on both infrareds.


has a red light and a green light, if the red light is flashing and the green light is on that means either something is in the way of infrareds such as box or spider web or they are not pointing at each other. To align them just grab the one that looks crooked and move until it stops flashing. The procedure is the same for the other manufacturers instead of a flashing light one of the lights will turn off instead. Again check for blockage, clear; then check for alignment. If this type is out of alignment they may require loosening a wing nut to make the adjustments. If both lights are out you either have bad sensors or a bad wire.

Can my extra transmitter (from my old opener) be programmed to my new one?

The answer to that question is usually no. Openers have changed from dip or rocker switch technology to
rotating technology
and they are not compatible. Most manufacturers have also changed frequencies. If your extra transmitters do not have the same model numbers or same frequency they will not work.

Can I replace the torsion spring on my garage door myself?
No, unless you are a licensed garage door contractor in the state of California. You can not buy springs over the counter.
Torsion springs require special tools
and knowledge to pre tension and install the springs. If your spring mounts and runs along the side of each track then you can purchase and install them yourself. But again, it does require an understanding of how the system works, not recommended for the first timer.

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How often should I have my garage door and opener serviced? Can I do it myself?
Your door and opener should be lubricated 3—4 times a year and you can do that yourself. Use a quality spray and a towel. Spray all moving parts ie: hinges, rollers, SPRINGS and opener track lightly. However, manufacturers recommend having a professional inspect your door and opener yearly.

Can I put windows in my existing garage door?
Most of the time I would say, "yes" and it will be less expensive then buying a new one.

Can I paint my garage door?
Yes, check with the manufacturer for their recommendation or contact a quality paint store. It does not take any special paint.

How can I stop water from entering under my garage door?
The only thing that I have found to slow or stop water from entering into the garage would be to make sure the bottom seal of your garage door is doing its job and to install a Storm Shield, which is a rubber threshold that glues to the garage floor. There still is no guarantee that that will stop the flow of water into your garage.

Can I program my car to my garage door opener?
Yes, if you have a built in transmitter in your car you will need to follow the owner's manual since the programming differs between vehicle manufacturers.
1. Turn your car on and make sure it is in park with the emergency brake on.
Tip 2. After coding your rotating code transmitter to your car you will need to code your car to your opener refer to the top of the page: How do I code my transmitter?
Tip 3. The advancement of technology in garage door openers has made it difficult to code an older car to some new opener systems. A repeater is needed in some cases to correct this problem.

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